Drill Pipe Float Valve

Drill Pipe Float Valve Drill pipe float valves are cast out of alloy steel specifically for Harsh drilling environment. Heat treating to prevent the corrosive effects of hydrogen-sulfide gas (H2S). Manufacturing from one-piece casting to produce a superior and more reliable valve body KELLY COCK VALVES

TC Bearing

Tungsten Carbide Bearing / Radial bearing TC Bearing surface with the Tungsten Carbide material,special solder and welded to a whole body. with the basis part through sinter treatment, makes the Tungsten Carbide Bearing with the high strength,long life,anti-wear,anti-impact and high load.  We can provide all kinds of tungsten carbide bearing Read more…

PDC Bearing

PDC Bearing PDC bearing have high resistance to grinding and can operate at high temperatures and can withstand large axial loads. PDC materials have a low friction coefficient and are not affected by natural or mud chemicals present in the well. TC Bearing Ball Bering


DRILL MOTOR I. The Principle of Drill Motor Drill motor is a kind of PDM (positive displacement motor) that converts the hydraulic pressure energy into mechanical energy. As the high-pressure drilling mud passes the motor inside, the motor generates torque which drives the rotary movement of the rotor in motor. Read more…


KELLY COCK VALVES Application Kelly Cock valves are located within the drill string that allow for free-passage of drilling fluid without pressure loss and are specifically designed for effective control of blow outs and/or mud loss control. Kelly Cock valves Features D‑Valves manufactures Kelly Cock bodies from chromoly steel and Read more…