I. The Principle of Drill Motor

Drill motor is a kind of PDM (positive displacement motor) that converts the hydraulic pressure energy into mechanical energy. As the high-pressure drilling mud passes the motor inside, the motor generates torque which drives the rotary movement of the rotor in motor. The torque and the movement of the motor are delivered to the bit by driving shaft so as to make the drilling work.

II. The Components and Their Functions

DY-drill motor mainly consists of by-pass valve, motor, universal shaft, and drive-shaft. There is also a bent-sub in bent housing drill motor.

III. Model

we can provide 17 different series, including 45, 60, 73, 89, 95, 120, 130, 140, 146, 165,172, 185, 197, 203, 216, 244, 286, and each series has three categories, which are vertical motor, single bent angle motor, double bent angle motor.
Drill motors are available for the drilling in vertical wells, directional wells, cluster wells and horizontal wells. Especially, the minor diameter motors represented by 5LZ73, 7LZ89, 7LZ95, 7LZ120 etc. can be used for the drilling applications in both casing window sidetracking and workover operations.

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