Drill Pipe Float Valve

Drill Pipe Float Valve Drill pipe float valves are cast out of alloy steel specifically for Harsh drilling environment. Heat treating to prevent the corrosive effects of hydrogen-sulfide gas (H2S). Manufacturing from one-piece casting to produce a superior and more reliable valve body KELLY COCK VALVES


The valve body assembly consists of valve body, valve rubber, valve nut, guide frame, gland, clamp spring, steel ball, etc. The valve assembly can be divided into a through-hole valve, a three-rib valve and a four-rib valve. All kinds of American and Chinese Mud Pumps Parts- VALVE ASSEMBLY ( including Read more…


 The piston assembly is constituted by the piston core, rubber, spring, clamp, etc. Pistoncore is made of 42CrMo and the piston rubber is made of nitrile rubber or polyurethane rubber. The piston assembly is resistant to high temperature, abrasion, corrosion, and has a long service life, in line with API7K standards.