Plug Valve

Specifications  size cold working press Terminal connection type Buckle mode SF42 SF70 SF105 1″×2″ 2″×2″ 3″×3″ 42Mpa(6000psi) 70Mpa(10000psi) 105Mpa(15000psi) Internal thread ,External thread(LP、NU) fig1002 union fig1502 union fig602 union M×M M×F F ×F

TC Bearing

Tungsten Carbide Bearing / Radial bearing TC Bearing surface with the Tungsten Carbide material,special solder and welded to a whole body. with the basis part through sinter treatment, makes the Tungsten Carbide Bearing with the high strength,long life,anti-wear,anti-impact and high load.  We can provide all kinds of tungsten carbide bearing Read more…